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New Glamour Model

How to Build Rapport with a New Glamour Model   I am very happy to say that as a glamour and escort photographer in London, I often see repeat business – not just from new glamour models or the numerous escort agencies and modelling agencies I am associated with, but also from escorts and glamour models who work without professional…

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Nude photography

Inspiration for Nude Photography from Fine Art   Art is as old as humanity itself. As people, we’ve always searched for different ways to express ourselves, and art is one of the most sophisticated forms we’ve developed. Photography is a modern and highly expressive art form and can be used in endless different ways – anything from landscapes, to colour…

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how to get started in glamour photography

Startup Glamour Photography

 How To Get Started In Glamour Photography Glamour photography and escort photography are highly competitive businesses, especially in the big city of London. There are multitudes of up and coming photographers who are dying to know the secrets of breaking into such a difficult sphere, but it’s not always as easy as a one line answer. Every professional photographer has…

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basics for producing great glamour shots

Basics for producing great glamour shots

Basics For Producing Great Glamour Shots Filters & Effects We are living in the age of personal technology – an age that adores photography, and counts the sharing of photos on social media as a part of our daily lives. This means that the average person’s knowledge of photography probably extends to how filters and effects can be used to…

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Photographing Curvy Escorts

How To Photograph Curvy Escorts – Tip & Tricks I’m lucky enough to have a stream of beautiful women coming into my London studio to be photographed – one of the joys and privileges of being an escort photographer! I’ve seen many escorts over the years and they come in every shape and size – and they’re all stunning in…

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Texture in Glamour Photography

Using Texture in Glamour Photography Great glamour photographer think outside the box. Too many escort and glamour photographer fall into the trap of repeating the same shoot with a new escort each day, but I always demand much more than that from myself. I like to constantly challenge myself, to think of new ways to make my London glamour photographs…

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themed escort photoshoots

Themed Escort Photoshoots

Themed Escort Photoshoots The girls that I work with as a photographer for London escorts are everything a man could want in a companion – sexy, fun, intelligent and infinitely desirable. Capturing these qualities in an image is a fascinating experience, one that I take pride in achieving on every shoot. However, sometimes the escorts who come to me for…

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using colour in glamour photography

Using Colour in Glamour Photography

Colour plays a very important part in the composition of a photograph. Certain colours have been proven to invoke different emotions and reactions, and therefore can be used to subtly express different things. This is especially important in glamour photography, lingerie photography and escort photography. Different coloured lingerie or items of clothing can be used to set off skin tones…

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perfect glamour photoshoot

The Perfect Glamour Photoshoot

The Perfect Glamour Photoshoot- How To Prepare Glamour photographs are sexy, fun and intriguing. The woman in the picture is beguiling and desirable; there is nothing forced, nothing stiff and awkward. The style of the photographer is evident. Everything appears effortless. However, behind the scenes, the exact opposite is true. Glamour photography is a far cry from snapping a quick…

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All Important Outfit Choices for Escorts

Escorts who come to my London glamour photographer’s studio for a shoot are responsible for styling themselves, and therefore have a simply endless range of outfit choices to pick from. Escort photography is about attracting the right kind of attention, and styling and clothing in a photograph contribute a great deal to this. Before a shoot, I always encourage the…

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