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All Important Outfit Choices for girls


Escorts who come to my London glamour photographer’s studio for a shoot are responsible for styling themselves, and therefore have a simply endless range of outfit choices to pick from. Escort photography is about attracting the right kind of attention, and styling and clothing in a photograph contribute a great deal to this. Before a shoot, I always encourage the model to think about exactly the kind of things she wants her final photographs to evoke, because that will have an influence on the clothing she chooses to wear for her all-important photoshoot.

The Subtlety of Lace

Lace is a popular and classic choice for an escort to wear. Long associated with classic ideas of subtle sexiness, lace is a tease – showing a little without showing all. Tactile, provocative and pretty, lace has an advantage in that it comes in a huge range of colours and styles – one fabric that can be used to express the personality and style of any escort. With my experience as a lingerie photographer, I always enjoy photographing an escort in lace.

Silken Luxury

Another staple in escort photography, silk is the ultimate expression of high-end luxury and style. Silk invokes ideas of eroticism and the ability to touch – valuable assets in an escort’s photograph. Silk works particularly well in strong, rich colours and is another popular choice– most of the escorts I photograph have a wardrobe full of it!

Classic Leather

Leather is an incredibly useful material in escort photography, because it provides such a stark contrast with skin texture – and carries such deep sexual connotations. Leather lingerie is fierce and domineering, associated with a dominatrix who will never back down, and who delights in being in control. Leather is also useful when it comes to props. Leather whips and straps can be used to draw attention to different areas, and hint at all sorts of different extra-curricular activities.

Shiny PVC

Plastic materials such as PVC are fun and flirty. A little more unusual, an escort in PVC stands out from the crowd as a woman who takes charge of her sexuality.

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