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Basics for producing great glamour shots

basics for producing great glamour shots

Basics For Producing Great Glamour Shots

Filters & Effects

We are living in the age of personal technology – an age that adores photography, and counts the sharing of photos on social media as a part of our daily lives.

This means that the average person’s knowledge of photography probably extends to how filters and effects can be used to subtly alter how a photograph appears. After all, most everyday amateur photographers use their smartphones, and will know all about the apps like Instagram, which can start with a photo taken by just about anyone, and turn it into something impressive.

This is true enough on a small stage – and on a small screen. Professional photography, for example, of the kind I produce in my London glamour studio, takes the use of filters and effects, both in the studio and in the resulting photo editing session, into an entirely different sphere.

How It Works

Filters and effects work in a very simple way. They affect the colours captured by the camera, thus affecting the final image. It can be an actual object – an optical filter attached to the camera – or it can be a setting in your photo editing software, used once the photograph has been taken.

What Benefits Do They Bring?

Filters and effects can dramatically alter the mood of the photograph. They change the lighting and the shadows, and they can help emphasize certain angles or details. They can create a coherency in colour, bring out shine and sparkle in a model’s eyes, and make unpleasant colour tones disappear. They can also bring a certain artistic touch to photographs, making them look more professional.

What Are the Potential Problems?

Filters and effects are easier to use badly than well. They can drain all the colour and life from a photograph, leaving a model looking wan and faded. The opposite problem also exists – the use of heavy-handed filters can result in unnatural skin and hair tones, creating a picture that looks too intense and therefore abnormal. This sort of sloppy photo editing can be spotted by just about anyone, and that’s why I take pride in doing all our photo editing in-house – none of our escort and model images are sent anywhere else.

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