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New Glamour Model

How to Build Rapport with a New Glamour Modelasian-escort-london

I am very happy to say that as a glamour photographer in London, I often see repeat business – not just from new glamour models or the numerous modelling agencies I am associated with, but also from glamour models who work without professional representation. It’s always such a pleasure to know that my work is enjoyed and appreciated, and there is nothing quite so satisfactory as seeing an escort or a model return to my studio to update those all-important photographs.

However, I also get new clients in my studio almost every single day, and it’s my job to make sure they receive fantastic service and world-class photographs. The fastest way to make these dreams become a reality is to build a strong rapport with the model – and it’s great for everyone concerned if I can do so as quickly as possible.

Laying the Foundations

From my experience, some London glamour photography studios are lacking in the basics of customer service, so I always start there! It costs nothing to be polite, friendly and professional – not only does it make the experience so much more positive for everyone, it also makes a huge difference to the final product. If an escort or model feels uncomfortable, or discouraged by the welcome she receives when she arrives at my studio, how can she possibly be expected to be relaxed enough to pose in a way that produces erotic and tantalizing photographs? A little goes a long way in this case.

Creating a Relationship

Once we have established a friendly and professional connection, I always take the time to discuss with my model exactly what she or her agency wants from the shoot. It’s all too easy to think of every shoot as the same – pose, click, repeat – but that’s a mindset I actively stay away from. Having a thorough conversation with my model ensures we are both on the same page, and it builds the trust necessary for natural, honest photographs. The only way is up from there – my model and I are on our way to fantastic glamour pictures.

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