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Nude photography

Inspiration for Nude Photography from Fine Art


Art is as old as humanity itself. As people, we’ve always searched for different ways to express ourselves, and art is one of the most sophisticated forms we’ve developed. Photography is a modern and highly expressive art form and can be used in endless different ways – anything from landscapes, to colour studies, to abstract shapes and textures.glamour-photography-pose

However, nude photography as art is becoming increasingly popular, and living in a vibrant city like London, it’s so easy to find an exhibition among the numerous galleries and museums in the city. Nude photography can be a very interesting and positively inspirational source material for any escort or glamour photographer.


If you browse nude photography, you will see the variety that the genre contains – everything from abstract body parts and impersonal, faceless poses to deeply personal and intimate shots. The bodies of nude models also vary a lot – men, women, skin tones and body shapes of all possible colours and sizes. Nude photography is also very frequently presented in black and white, and can include props, body art and photo editing.


Nude photography as art can vary a lot from photographer to photographer, but they do tend to have a different perspective from escort and glamour photographers. When the nude body is photographed for art, it often displays the body merely as an object – a totally unique and deeply beautiful object, but focused more on the shape and tones and textures rather than on the personality behind it. Flexibility, clean lines and smooth skin is presented as beautiful in a totally different way from how an escort photograph portrays beauty.


However, that doesn’t mean that an escort photography studio can’t draw inspiration from nude photography. I’m often challenged by the wonderful posing skills of nude models, which again and again draws attention to the body itself – this can be helpful for models who feel shy expressing themselves in front of the camera. I often love the lighting in nude photography, and how nude models so often need nothing else but the beauty of the human body to create a stunning final photograph.

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