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The Perfect Shot as a Glamour Photographer

There is no one “perfect shot.” Looking for it would be an elusive goal. I don’t think any great glamour photographer pretends that there is a “perfect shot” that can somehow be dreamed up, tracked down, or manufactured. Perfection is a nice thing to strive for, but don’t be disappointed when you don’t attain it. No one has. Instead, I…

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Future of Escort Photography

  Is Video the Future of Escort Photography? It goes without saying that escort photography has a purpose, and that purpose is to help the escort in question attract the clients she deserves. That’s why it’s so important – smart London escorts see a photography session as a lasting investment into their own future. Armed with great professional photographs, an…

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Top tips for getting creative with glamour photography

Photography is an interesting art because of the sheer variety of subjects out there. From animals to landscapes to people, you can choose to shoot whatever takes your fancy. I feel lucky to have been able to forge a career taking glamour photographs of smart, beautiful women – the difficult life of an glamour / escort photographer in London! However,…

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Glamour Shoot Indoors or Outdoors?

  Shooting an escort in a glamour studio is not the only option. I’m also very experienced in photographing escorts in the great outdoors. Varied and exciting and a little unpredictable, photographing escorts outside can yield fantastic results. Which is better? Read on to find out. Reliability (Sometimes) Wins the Race When you take glamour photographs in a studio –…

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Difference between Glamour photography and boudoir

On the surface, escort photography and glamour photography can seem remarkably similar. After all, they both involve many of the same things: a high-tech camera and photography equipment, a skilled photographer, a location or studio that suits the mood of the shoot, and a beautiful, talented woman. Similar? Yes. The same? Definitely not.   Glamour Photography The main aim of…

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Location Glamour Photography

Planning a Location Escort Photography Shoot Here at Escort Exposure, we have a number of escort photography packages available. They’re specially designed with flexibility in mind, so that every London escort who comes to have her photograph taken can choose the option that best suits her needs, and get the most out of her time in front of the camera….

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What Makes the Ideal Glamour Photographer?

Ideal Glamour Photographer Choosing an glamour photographer is an important task for any escort. After all, she’s looking for the very best – someone who will produce photographs of her that she will love, and that she can use to find the best clients for herself. In selecting an glamour photographer, she’s making a decision that will have a huge…

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Glamour photography package

Glamour Photography Package

Photography is an unusual art in that it involves two people. The photographer might be the artist, but the subject is just as important, because without the subject there is no end product – and in the world of professional photography, it is often the subject who requests the photograph in the first place. Therefore, it can be difficult to…

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How to Make Sexy Shots Fun

As a photographer for London escorts, it’s my job to create fantastic, professional escort images. It’s up to me to direct the shoot in a way that brings out the best in the subject, and I’m always willing to do whatever’s necessary to create a final product that both I and my client are happy with. However, that doesn’t mean…

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nude glamour photography

How to Bring Glamour and Class into Nude Photography

Nude photography can be difficult to get right. It can so easily slip from tasteful, erotic and sexy into tacky, cheap or degrading. It takes a skillful photographer to strike the necessary fine balance. However, nude photography is not just about sexiness. It’s more than possible to bring glamour and class into a nude photoshoot and as an escort photographer,…

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