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best glamour photography poses

Best glamour photography poses

  Simple Poses and Tips for the Best Glamour Photography Though my primary work is as an escort photographer, I have extensive experience in lingerie photography and glamour photography. Obviously there is quite a bit of overlap between the three styles, but my escort photography studio is more than capable of producing high quality images for all three. If you’re…

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escort's natural shape

Making the Most of an girls Natural Shape

The job of an escort photographer and a glamour photographer is simple – to create amazing, sexy images of beautiful women. However, escorts come in all shapes and sizes, all equally beautiful and unique, so it’s important to know how to make the most of each different woman’s natural shape in the final photographs. Here are some techniques I utilize…

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London escort girls

Which Professional Photographer to Use for London Glamour Girls

Escorts are fabulous, sexy women with feisty personalities and winning smiles. But how do they find the clients that they want and deserve? They work hard to advertise their services and the most important weapon they have in their advertising arsenal is the photograph. A photograph is attention grabbing and truthful, and it’s the best way for a prospective client…

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glamour photography shots

Highlighting Personality in Glamour Photography Shots

The goal of an escort photographer – and indeed of a glamour photographer – is always the same, and that’s to create a stunning final image of a beautiful, confident woman. However, I think what sets me apart from other London escort photographers is that I always strive to capture a model’s personality in each photoshoot. An escort’s personality has…

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vintage glamour photography

Vintage Glamour Photography

As a glamour photographer for London escorts, it’s my job to make each photoshoot unique and exciting. Some of my subjects have a very clear idea of what they want from the shoot, while some are open to all sorts of ideas. It’s fun to play around with different themes, and a recent favourite of mine is soulful, vintage glamour….

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glamour photography

Lighting Glamour photography

Why Lighting Is So Important in Glamour Photography Lighting is one of the most essential elements in glamour photography. But it’s especially important when you’re photographing a model in the setting of a lingerie or boudoir shoot. You need to play close attention to the way the lighting falls on your model. Is it flattering? Where does it create shadows?…

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How to Capture Glamour Model Personality

Photography is About Personality As a professional escort and glamour photographer, I focus on people – their faces, their movements, their expressions. And my ultimate goal is always to capture personality. Personality is what sets a person apart from everyone else in the world. You can have two people standing side by side with the same haircut, the same outfit,…

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Glamour photography lighting

  Glamour Photography: Lighting For Different Skin Tones One of the big tricks to learn as a photographer is how to adjust your lighting to accommodate different skin tones. Many don’t realize it, but once you start to think about it, it actually makes perfect sense. Lighter skin tones will become washed out or have an unpleasant glare if the…

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photographing glamour models

Photographing Glamour Models

Techniques for Photographing Glamour Models There is so much more work that goes into photography than most people realise. It is generally assumed that the models do all of the work and they are given all of the credit for a successful photo shoot. While models definitely do their share of work and are the heart and soul of a…

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London Glamour Studio

  Working In a London Glamour Studio While most people are complaining about their jobs, I couldn’t possibly ask for a better one. I work in a London Glamour Studio photographing some of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen. Making my job even better is the fact that it’s not just any glamour studio; I get to photograph gorgeous…

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