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Lingerie Photographer

My Life as a Lingerie Photographer Someday I will write my memoirs. I will write all about my adventures as a lingerie photographer and all of the inside information that no one else knows. I never planned to become a photographer for lingerie or London escorts; it just sort of happened by chance somewhere between my starving artist phase and…

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How to find the perfect escort in London

How to find the perfect escort in London How to Find the Escort You Are Looking for in London and the South East If you are interested in hiring an escort in London or the South East of England in general, you will find that there are a lot of agencies and girls to choose from. Whatever your taste and…

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photographing busty escorts

Photographing Busty escorts

How To Photograph Busty escorts Every escort who comes to my studio is unique and beautiful in her own way – after all, these are the women of every man’s dream! However, busty escorts are always intriguing to photograph. They bring a certain something extra, and I love capturing that in a stunning final picture. Glamour Girls Escort photography has…

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English Escorts

English Escorts Escort photographing is an exciting job made so much more fun by my huge variety of subjects. English escorts come from all walks of life and from all over the country, and you can bet that each and every one of them brings their own sexiness and personality to the table. Here are some of my favourite home-grown…

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Photographing London Tantric masseuses

How to Photograph Tantric Masseuses In London London Tantric masseuses are asking me recently in photographing them for producing a sensual portfolio. I found it interesting in creating these erotic style images of the masseuses as most of them are not showing their face. I therefore have to concentrate more on creating striking artistic nude images for showing the attractiveness…

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Escort Photography

Escort Photography When I started my career as a photographer, I didn’t set out to become an escort photographer. My experience shooting for underwear campaigns and with fashion magazines led me to focusing my talents and energies into this one specific field, and that’s a creative decision I now get to enjoy every day as professionally, there is nothing more…

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photographing london escorts

Photographing London Escorts

Photographing London Escorts It seems that every city in the world boasts of having most glamorous girls in the world. New York, Los Angeles, Paris to Tokyo – they all lay claim to having ladies of style and sass above all others. However, after over 12 years of photographing London escorts, I can say for sure that UK’s capital city…

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Photographing Asian Escorts

How To Photograph Asian Escorts In London I have travelled extensively in my lifetime and I’ve come to appreciate just how beautiful women are – no matter where they’re from in the world. All ethnicities have something unique and beautiful to offer any lucky man – and the escorts I photograph are looking for a very specific client indeed. However,…

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Professional boudoir photography

Using My Glamour Experience in Professional Lingerie and Boudoir Photography It might seem like a natural step to from being a glamour photographer to a lingerie photographer or boudoir photographer. But actually not everyone sees it. In fact, there’s a fine line between that separates what works for a lingerie shoot for editorial or advertising and what works for my…

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Professional glamour photography

My work as a professional glamour photographer in London Professional glamour photography. I’m a professional escort photographer, but I think of myself as a professional glamour photographer. Why? Because my main goal is to create glamorous images for my clients. My clients just happen to be escorts. So I’m a professional glamour photographer for escorts. Capturing Personalities For me, it’s…

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