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Successful glamour photographer in London?

How to become a successful glamour photographer in London? I often get these questions asking:” How to become successful / busy / glamour photographer in London. I think that it comes down to a few important points. 1st Having a good central location- studio- within London. It doesn’t need to be next to Buckingham Palace, but at least it has…

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The future of glamour photography in London

What is the future of Escort / Glamour photography in London? I always ask myself where we are heading in regards to glamour/ escort photography in the near future. As I have already written in another blog about the current situation in regards to producing successful glamour /escort, I wonder where we are heading in the future to come. As…

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Escorts Commitment to Artistic Integrity

I think it all comes down to the Escorts Commitment to Artistic Integrity in order to receive most financial gain Escorts Commitment to Artistic Integrity: I can use glamour editing software to add a couple of cup sizes to a girls’ glamour photos, change her eye color and make her lips 32% poutier, but what’s the point? Any savvy punter…

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Michael’s London Escort World

Michael’s London Escort World: Have you seen my most recent photos I took of Scarlett? She is the girl whose photo is coming up first on the home page as well as the last 4 images in the gallery. Isn’t she gorgeous? I did retouch the photos just a bit to adjust the colour and the brightness as well in…

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Escort Photography Max

In the States beautiful young women dream of becoming cheerleaders for the Dallas Cowboys: in London they dream of becoming one of Maxes angels. Max’s has been in business since November of 2000 and has been voted London’s only AAA escort agency for 8 years on the trot! Escort Exposure have provided photography for the angels at Max’s for the…

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How Do Escorts Attract Best Clients

I always wondered how do escorts attract best clients withing the escort business by looking around escort blogs and forums and you will find a minority of entertainers who shy away from professional. They reason that glamour photos taken at a studio look over-processed or don’t give an accurate portrayal, and that a simple pic snapped on an iPhone is…

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What We Provide

Looks Aren’t Everything. In this Business They are the ONLY thing. What we provide Capture Your Visitors’ Imagination – Ignite Their Passion – Compel Them to Book With You! The quality of your photos can be the single biggest factor determining whether a potential client becomes an actual client.  Escortexposure is one of London’s most established, and respected, glamour photography…

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Perfect Glamour Photo Shoot

The Perfect Glamour Photo-Shoot -How To Prepare For It With over 15 years experience in dealing with models, here are some tips for a perfect glamour photo shoot.  Be on time  It is your time you paid for it and it makes the whole glamour photo shoot session much more difficult in getting the results your are after if you…

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Escort Agency Photo Shoot

“Love the new studio! Michael takes the time to make the models relaxed and goes out of his way to create a calm and fun atmosphere. Great new sets in the new studio – thanks Michael!“ And thank you! This is a quote from the proprietor of Bubbles Escorts — since 1999, one of the top escort agencies in London —…

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Happy New Year From Escort Exposure!

Twenty-eleven proved to be quite an eventful year for Escort Exposure. We spread our wings and moved into a fantastic new studio in central London. Who knew that one could develop such an attachment to inanimate objects? But packing up all out precious cameras, lenses and computer equipment and transporting them was way more stressful than expected. Luckily a fedex guy had…

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