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The Perfect Glamour Photoshoot

The Perfect Glamour Photoshoot- How To Prepare


Glamour photographs are sexy, fun and intriguing. The woman in the picture is beguiling and desirable; there is nothing forced, nothing stiff and awkward. The style of the photographer is evident. Everything appears effortless.

However, behind the scenes, the exact opposite is true. Glamour photography is a far cry from snapping a quick picture and hoping for the best. It takes a professional, experienced in the world of glamour photography, with an eye for detail and composition, to create the best picture. A little help from the escort herself is needed as well, to ensure the best results. The preparation can be split into two categories: physical and mental.

Physical Preparation

It’s a photographer’s responsibility to ensure that everything is ready in time for the shoot, and that’s why preparation is so important. For a London glamour photographer like me, that’s the best thing about working in the comfort of your own studio – your equipment can be kept exactly the way you like it.

The model due to be photographed can also do her best to contribute to the success of the shoot. In the time leading up to the big day she should eat well and drink plenty of water, as well as getting as much sleep as possible. Outfits should be carefully planned in advance to maximize time in front of the camera, and if she is doing her own hair and makeup, a meticulous run-though should be performed to reduce the risk of disappointment on the vital day.

Mental Preparation

It’s also a photographer’s responsibility to be mentally engaged in the shoot. Escort and glamour photography is demanding, but that’s no excuse for a poor attitude in the studio. An glamour photographer needs to take the time to consider the direction he wants to take the shoot in, and any potential pitfalls he might face. These decisions and potential problems should be considered with time, before the day in the studio.

The model should also be mentally prepared. Time in front of the camera can be emotionally draining, and she should have a good idea of the attitudes and emotions she wants to portray in her photos


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