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Photographing Curvy Girls

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How To Photograph Curvy Escorts – Tip & Tricks

I’m lucky enough to have a stream of beautiful women coming into my London studio to be photographed – one of the joys and privileges of being an escort photographer! I’ve seen many escorts over the years and they come in every shape and size – and they’re all stunning in their own way. However, though they all have the common traits of beauty and desirability, that doesn’t mean that I photograph them all in the same way.

I approach every single shoot with fresh eyes but there are some tips and tricks I like to deploy, depending on the escort and what she wants. An escort’s personality affects the shoot a great deal, but it’s her body shape that dictates how I approach the technical side of taking a great photograph. Here are some of my tried and tested methods to remember when photographing curvy escorts.

Cool and Confident

Curvy London escorts expect their bodies to be highlighted in their escort photographs. In general, curvy escorts tend to be extremely comfortable in their own skins and they’re used to attention – most of them have been the subject of male attention for many years, and they know how to handle themselves! I find that in general, they’re confident in front of the camera – escort photography is not something that fazes them.

Pose Matters!

Posing plays a huge part in photographing curvy escorts, because it makes an extremely important contribution to how the final photograph looks. Curvy models automatically look incredibly seductive in front of the camera, but they still need the same direction and input as all other escort models. Curvy models sometimes need help positioning themselves to create the best smooth, flowing lines with their bodies.

Some curvy escorts want their curves to take centre stage, preferring to go nude or wear only the briefest of lingerie, and perhaps turning their face away from the camera or hiding their expression in some way. Others prefer to take possession of their curviness by wearing brightly coloured lingerie and using props to draw attention to the right areas. Either way, curvy models are always a joy to photograph! Have a look at to see why curvy women are best in bed.