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Texture in Glamour Photography

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Using Texture in Glamour Photography

Great glamour photographer think outside the box. Too many escort and glamour photographer fall into the trap of repeating the same shoot with a new escort each day, but I always demand much more than that from myself. I like to constantly challenge myself, to think of new ways to make my London glamour photographs stylish, deeply sexy and unique.

I love playing around with the use of textures in glamour and escort photography, because there are so many options to choose from, and you can create so many different scenes and settings. Here are some of my recent favourites.

Shine and Style

I love the use of hard, shiny surfaces in glamour photography, such as a mirror, a highly polished wooden floor or a white-tiled bathroom wall. It creates such a stunning contrast – the glowing skin and luscious hair of a beautiful woman, highlighted by a totally unforgiving surface. High-heeled shoes also look fantastic stood firmly on a hard floor, emphasizing shapely legs and all sorts of curves.

I also love the use of glass in glamour photography. Utilized correctly, it can create a very tangible type of barrier between the escort and the viewer of the photograph – at least until they agree to meet in person, of course.

Velvet Underground

Velvet has long been recognized as a totally indulgent fabric – it can hardly be described as especially functional, but it’s incredibly tactile and provocative, and works particularly well in deep colours. I love the use of velvet as part of props and background settings – such as a velvet-covered chair, or velvet cushions on a bed. It really helps to highlight smooth skin and silky soft hair.

Venus In Furs

Fur throws and rugs are incredibly soft to the touch, and invoke all the right ideas of midnight meetings and warm, darkened rooms. Erotic and tactile, fur comes in many different shades, and its use in escort and glamour photography needs to be subtle and stylish.

Simple Cotton

An absolute favourite of mine is high quality pure cotton bedsheets. Clean and simple, the smooth texture of high quality cotton is the ultimate clean sheet, detracting nothing from the escort in the photograph – but highlighting everything.–– It is always great having a look around Harrods to find news ideas for future glamour props and sets.

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