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Themed Escort Photoshoots

themed escort photoshoots

Themed Escort Photoshoots

The girls that I work with as a photographer for London escorts are everything a man could want in a companion – sexy, fun, intelligent and infinitely desirable. Capturing these qualities in an image is a fascinating experience, one that I take pride in achieving on every shoot.

However, sometimes the escorts who come to me for photoshoots want to take things a little further – they want to try something a little different, and stand out from the crowd. One of my favourite ways to achieve that is through a themed photoshoot. These are a great way of expressing a little something extra of your personality. There are so many different directions to choose and fun options to consider. If you’re an escort thinking about booking a themed escort shoot, read on for some advice.

Do Your Research

Browse the internet for some inspiration – and look through my portfolio, too, and observe some of the other London escorts I have photographed in costume. Think a little about what you want to express, and which part of your personality you want to amplify. Would a sexy nurse suit you best, or a shy, subtly seductive bunny rabbit better capture your character? What about a dominatrix style leather outfit? Only you can decide.

Trial Run

Purchase your outfit in plenty of time and be sure to try everything on before the big day – if you’re wearing an outfit that you’re familiar with and already feel comfortable in, it’s much easier to relax in front of the camera. Scrutinize your overall appearance. What kind of makeup do you need to match your new look? What about hair? Do you need extra accessories or props? Do your tried and tested poses suit your new look? Be critical – remember, the camera misses nothing.

Have a Backup Option

If you’re thinking about a themed shoot, it’s always wise to think about booking a shoot which allows you to change outfits. That’s the fantastic thing about my flexible escort packages – no matter what you choose, you maximize your chances of securing a fantastic final picture that will attract the clients you deserve.

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