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Using Colour in Glamour Photography

using colour in glamour photography

Colour plays a very important part in the composition of a photograph. Certain colours have been proven to invoke different emotions and reactions, and therefore can be used to subtly express different things.

This is especially important in glamour photography, lingerie photography and escort photography. Different coloured lingerie or items of clothing can be used to set off skin tones and draw the eye to certain areas. Varied colour tones in the background, setting or in the props are used to set the mood. However, in escort, glamour or lingerie photography, colour is most powerfully used to express the model or escort’s personality.

Red or Dead

Red is fiery and untamed, universally recognized as the colour of love and of passion. Red lingerie speaks dangerously of the woman who wears it. It’s provocative and tantalising, challenging and unique. It sets off deep skin tones beautifully and will certainly attract attention.

Back in Black

Black is classically sexy – just think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Black never goes out of style, looks good on every woman and black lace is the ultimate expression of sophistication and style. Black can also be dangerously sexy when combined with other textures – especially leather. An escort in black leather takes no prisoners and suffers no fools. She’s fierce, controlling and straight to the point.

Neon Nights

Neon colours are flirty, light-hearted and fashionable. Glamour photography that utilizes neon lingerie speaks of an escort who is too much fun to take herself too seriously. She likes taking risks and pushing boundaries, and defying old-fashioned rules of what’s sexy and what’s not. Neon lingerie in shades of orange and yellow work particularly well in photoshoots – they look so striking on camera and will always draw the eye in the final photographs.

Pretty in Pastel

Pastel toned lingerie is demure and chic. It’s the epitome of hidden sexiness – think full lips, wide eyes and small, knowing smiles. Pastel tones look beautiful with paler skin tones, highlighting creamy skin and golden hair, and there are so many beautiful tones to choose from – anything from lilac and pale pink and peach, to summery pale yellows.

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